DDB turn it up and bring the noise

Today is Noise Awareness Day so, in an effort to draw attention to the perils of ‘loudocity’, DDB has created a nifty campaign for the National Foundation for the Deaf that aims to alert Kiwis to some of the DIY tools that could cause permanent damage.

Apparently, according to spiel, most people are aware that loud noises can damage their hearing. The trouble is, most people aren’t aware of what a loud noise really is. The purpose of this campaign is to educate DIY enthusiasts about wearing hearing protection when using powertool equipment. We not only want to raise awareness around Noise Awareness Day on 28 April, but also change behaviour by reminding DIYers to always wear hearing protection.”

Executive creative director: Toby Talbot

Head of art: Dave Brady

Deputy creative director: Regan Grafton

Creative: Joe Hawkins, Dave Brady

Group account director: Scott Wallace

Account executive: Sarah Burilin

Planner: Lisa Divett

Production: Jenni Doubleday, Nick Conetta

CGI and Retouching: LightFarm Studios.

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