DDB mixes Cadbury dairy milk and Jaffas with music, literally

We’re sure by now many must be aware of Cadbury’s new fusion with its other product offering, Jaffas, as the new chocolate currently appears to be advertised in every supermarket aisle. And now a new TVC has been released by DDB promoting the chocolate which shows the mixing of the two products, but not in the way you might expect.

In the TVC Cadbury milk chocolate and Jaffas are as the ads title adheres to ‘mixed by music’. The clip features a bunch of speaker subs, some with gooey Cadbury chocolate and others with Jaffas bouncing around to the beat of The Phoenix Foundation’s Buffalo.

There is something quite mesmerising about drippy dancing chocolate and bouncing jaffas, particularly when they come together to create spluttery mess of brown and orange deliciousness.

The setting appears to be in a recording or mixing studio with royal purple soundproof pads on the walls with smatterings of orange colouring here and there to represent the two products.

StopPress has contacted DDB about the clip and is awaiting a response.

In other Jaffa-related news, today the annual Cadbury Jaffa race was held at the world’s steepest street in Dunedin where 75,000 Jaffas came hurtling down Baldwin Street. 

Here’s some footage from last year’s race:

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