DDB invites Pam on a trip to the coast

DDB NZ is trumpeting a world first, with a new campaign for Coastguard New Zealand that “will plunge everyday Kiwis into a simulated rescue mission using TVCs and live online components”. And it’s also trumpeting the win of the Pam’s account.

On Sunday 31 January at 5.40pm, a ‘first-person’ film will put TV One viewers in the shoes of a Coastguard volunteer in the deep end of a rescue operation in the Hauraki Gulf. They’ll then be invited to head online to www.liverescue.co.nz (the site goes live on Sunday) to join a virtual search effort, where they’ll find themselves in a simulated Coastguard Air Patrol search plane, scouring the New Zealand coastline in real time for the missing boat.

Throughout the night there will be further television updates giving people more information to help with their simulated online search, with radio listeners also invited to join the mission. How very integrated.

And now the pitchy business: the NBR reported that DDB snatched the lucrative Pam’s account (Foodstuffs spends $54 mill on advertising according to Nielsen, the country’s biggest tab), leaving the incumbent, poor old Saatchi & Saatchi, crying into its hands on the step. Or did it? The story was changed when a senior Saatchi’s staffer said it never actually had the account *Tim Allen’s weird Home Improvement noise*, despite a source inside Saatchi’s and a few from other agencies saying it was so.

DDB already have Cadbury (“nothing to say, it’s too early” when asked about how the recent Kraft takeover will affect them) and Watties on its roster.

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