DDB and Maccas sing the come-back song for an anticipated return

DDB and McDonald’s reintroduce Macca’s tastiest food items to the New Zealand public through a series of mouthwatering TVC’s inspired my Mark Morrison’s iconic hit, Return of the Mack.

For many Kiwis the switch from level 4 to level 3 of the nationwide lockdown couldn’t have come quicker, as it meant cafes, restaurants and takeaways would reopen their doors and home cooked meals can be put aside. However one, I guess you could call ‘restaurant’, that has been longed for the most is the almighty Mc Donald’s. Queues of cars continue to stretch out the drive thru and down the road, even after nearly a week of reopening.

As New Zealand has ‘suffered’ some would say, with no McNuggets, no salty thin fries and no Big Macs, it was only right for McDonald’s and DDB to release a campaign dedicated to reuniting the fast food favourites with their dedicated Kiwi fans. Naturally, the campaign incorporates nineties hit ‘Return of the Mack’ to coincide with the delicious crowd pleaser that is the Big Mac burger.

McDonald’s director of marketing Jo Mitchell says the company is thrilled to to be able to offer Kiwis their favourite meal again via drive thru and McDelivery.

“The brand love demonstrated by the country leading up to today’s long awaited opening has been unbelievable. It is amazing to launch a campaign that perfectly embodies the excitement felt by Macca’s loving Kiwis.”

DDB New Zealand’s creative director Gary Steele says the idea behind the campaign was an obvious one.

“Sometimes the obvious idea is absolutely the right idea. When you work on Macca’s, Mark Morrison comes up a bit, but you know it’s a card that can only be played once. That time has come.”

Return of the Macca’s will roll out across OOH, Social and Radio which will be sung by New Zealanders for many days to come.

McDonald’s New Zealand’s PR partner, Mango Communications, has worked closely with McDonald’s head of communications Simon Kenny to ensure nationwide media coverage and a guaranteed long line of customers the morning of the reopening, which was indeed the case.

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