DC Shoes introduces moto-surfing

The local industry is currently a little obsessed with conflating different foods together to create a delectable (and some very questionable) hybrids. We’ve had Whittaker’s chocolate milk, Cadbury’s Vegemite atrocity and St Pierre’s sushiwi. 

Internationally, brands are also dabbling in the art of fusion, but now DC Shoes has taken it beyond cuisine to create a new hybrid sport by combining surfing and motocross. In a new video commissioned by the brand, motocross daredevil Robbie Maddison is shown riding a customised motorcycle across the surface of the Pacific Ocean, before dropping in on a wave (undoubtedly annoying the surfers waiting in the lineup).

The video is titled ‘Pipe Dreams’ in reference to the desire of surfers to get barrelled. And while Madison doesn’t quite make into the coveted aquatic chamber, he does get close to experiencing some surfer pain when a massive waves closes out in an explosion of foam shortly after his take off.     


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