Daikin and Dan team up again in new Sugar & Partners campaign

New dad Dan Carter is looking to get his home nice and toasty before Winter, naturally the heat pump spokesman gets his friends from Daikin to help him out. Dan the rugby player meets Dan the installer, it’s a buddy comedy for all ages.

We’re impressed that Sugar & Partners has steered Daikin away from using Carter as a creepy wall ornament, instead choosing to represent him as a full human character.

Sugar & Partners won Daikin’s creative business last month and it was hectic work to get the filming done before Carter’s wife gave birth. Filming only finished two days before baby Marco Carter was born, says executive director Dave Nash.

“We were hoping since it was Honour’s first child she might have been a bit late,”  says Nash.

“It all worked out in the end.”

The integrated campaign has two TVCs and ties in to an online lead generation campaign called the Daikin Home Advantage, which encourages consumers to get a quote for a new Daikin unit. Nash says there will be more work to come on the online component of the campaign.


Daikin Australia: 
Dave Smith & Linda Louskos

Daikin New Zealand:  Mike Meekings.


Damon O’Leary & Dave Nash

Damon O’Leary, Dave Nash, Vikki Cheng, Dan Nelson, Gen Chunn, Owen Byson
& Anna Paine.

Designers: Hamish McArthur & Jim Kilgallon.

Head of Content: Wictoria Markula.

Brand Strategist: Tania Stevenson.

Group Account Director: Jamie McLean

Senior Account Manager: Campbell McLean.

Managing Partner: Jeremy Johnston.


Director: Simon Mark-Brown
Editor: Bertrand Remaut
Production: Geraldine Clermont
DOP: James Cowley

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