Creative industries short film: man digs a hole, people watch him do it

The latest short film from Flying Fish director James Solomon captures the existential anguish of the creative industries with a simple and effective metaphor: a hole.

Fittingly called A Hole, the black comedy focuses on a skilled workman trying to dig the perfect hole while negotiating the contradictory opinions of a group of people sitting about on comfy couches.

Solomon says the feedback from the initial shoot of the project has been great.

“I’m not sure if this film is life imitating art or art intimating life, but as a director I have been giving people a lot of A Hole feedback while making this film. I’m super interested to see what the wider world of A Holes will have to say about the result.

“We have been loving how much everybody connects with the story and the metaphor, and how much we have all been in the situation of both digging the hole and of sitting around it giving confusing, frustrating and contradictory feedback.”

The initial shoot of the film is complete, with the images of the expansive cracked earthen set shot at Kelly Park studios. Solomon has now launched a Boosted NZ campaign to raise funding to complete the post-production needed to finish the film.

Solomon is the director behind many iconic advertising campaigns, including haka ad for Sky TV UK during the Lions Tour, the ‘Must be Milk’ campaign for Anchor and the Duracell sponsorship ad for the All Blacks.


Director/writer: James Solomon
Producer: Lissandra Leite
Production company: Flying Fish
Director of photography: Dave Garbett
Production designer: Jon Lithgow
Editor: Alex O’Shaughnessy
VFX artist: Leon Woods
Actors: Josh McKenzie, Byron Coll, Leisha Ward Knox, David Van Horn and Lucy Wigmore

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