Crayola conspiracy?

In possibly one of the most bazaar satirical news stories to emerge since President Donald Trump came into power, crayon company Crayola is said to be retiring it’s ‘dandelion’ colour due to pressure from the White House.

Art + Marketing shared the story, which reported a  Crayola spokesperson—commenting off the record—said a senior Trump staffer called the crayon company and asked it to sack the yellow-orange hue because it’s similar to the president’s hair and skin colouring and children were using it to create unflattering drawings of Trump.

“Our ‘Dandelion’ color is almost the exact shade of an orangutan’s coat,” the Crayola representative told Art + Marketing. “Apparently, one of the president’s own grandchildren walked into the Oval Office with a drawing of a monkey and an arrow pointing to it that said, ‘Grandpa.’ The incident reportedly sent Mr. Trump through the roof.”

However convincing that may be given Trump’s antics to date, that’s not quite the full story behind ‘dandelion’s’ retirement.

On National Crayon Day (31 March) Crayola announced it’s making room in the box for a new exciting member of the blue colour family.

The exact shade will be announced next month and Jimmey Fallon was quick to share his ideas that would make the crayon relevant to today’s society. With politics in mind, he suggested: ‘Presidential Orange’, ‘Super White’, ‘Paul Ryan Blue It’, Im-peach-ment’ and ‘This is the chewiest popsicle I’ve ever eaten red’.

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