Controversy erupts over result of cut-throat inter-agency beer pong league

Advertising is a very competitive business. Accounts are coveted, staff are constantly being poached and awards are hotly contested. And it seems that competitive streak also applies to extra-curricular activities, as evidenced by events that took place at the Colenso towers this week. 

For those of you who never been a frat party, Beer Pong (AKA Beirut) is an extremely elaborate, skill-based drinking game where participants try to get a ping pong ball into the opposition’s cup. And, after a successful internal competition was held, Colenso’s managing director Nick Garrett did the honourable thing and invited its arch-rival DDB to partake.

To their credit, Garrett says DDB turned up with about 100 supporters, including a team of DDB-branded cheerleaders, as well as a bunch of Steinlager because they wouldn’t be seen dead drinking DB products. But, as expected, controversy has erupted and the knives are out, with both agencies claiming victory.

Youtube VideoOn the night, five games were played, with Garrett defeating Mowday and Worthington beating DDB’s new executive creative director Andy Fackrell (Colenso  welcomed him back to the Kiwi advertising community by trying to get his car towed from the Colenso carpark, but their plan was foiled). “But they reckon that one doesn’t count,” Garrett says.

“Ha!,” Mowday exclaimed loudly. “The fact is DDB beat Colenso three games to two, but yes, unfortunately, Nick Garrett and Sophie Martignier beat Justin Mowday and Ang Watson by just one cup.”


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