Contagion takes TV2 into the real world

Towering beanstalks, enormous tomes and lie detection are the ingredients in Contagion’s new campaign for TV2, which aims to enchant viewers into picking up the remote for the new season of programmes that started this week by focusing on Once Upon a Time and Revenge.

Revenge, Contagion has placed thorn bushes around the base of billboards, to
“reflect the nature of the main character, and also her name, Emily Thorne”,
says Contagion senior creative Dan Walton. It has also set up lie detectors on
eyelights (lit-up billboards inside malls) both in Botany and in Northlands,
Christchurch where placing your hand on a device embedded in the eyelilght, you are
asked questions which relate to both the shows and the public (downright scandalous questions like have you
plotted a friend’s downfall, or do you have a crush). The device will scan your fingerprints,
measure your perspiration and the voice recognition technology will sense your
answer. Then there’s a receipt printed with your results and a call to action
to watch the show, as well as the option to share your honest/devious results
to social networks.

“It involved quite a lot of smoke and mirrors
to make it work, but all the kids believed it,” said Verity Dookia, deputy
creative director. And, open only a couple of weeks, she says the installation in
Botany has had thousands of people participate.

eyelights in the malls were set up as enormous fairytale books that could be
opened and read. And Contagion also enlisted Bootleg Design to build enormous foundations to support an elaborate, curling vine towering 40 metres high above the motorway near Kyber Pass, as a Jack-and-the-bean-stalk beanstalk “in the real world”. 

In a press release, TV2 marketing manager, Aimee
Glucina says “We wanted to demonstrate our new season of shows in a fun and
playful way, while creating a sense of magic and scale. What better way to do
this than with a big, bold outdoor campaign.”

exhibits will be up for another few weeks in both malls.

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