Contagion loses a chunk of Telecom—UPDATED

There are plenty of changes occurring inside Telecom at the moment, and while some significant staff culling has led to an increase in the amount of out-sourcing in some parts of the business, Telecom Retail is relinquishing Contagion of one of its responsibilities.  

Contagion’s managing director Dean Taylor confirmed the decision and says it’s a global trend for businesses, and particularly telcos, to focus on their own social media functions as it is seen as an increasingly important area, so it’s work he says Telecom should be doing itself. 

Contagion has been growing rapidly since it kicked off a few years ago, and it’s certainly won more business than it’s lost, but Taylor says it’s not all bad news and it still has “a full load of work going forward” on Telecom’s digital experience business and it is also doing work on what he calls the “new futures business”. 

UPDATE: Kellie Nathan, Telecom’s general manager of brand, communications and digital, says now that Telecom has Dynamo, the data-driven analytics hub housed inside DDB that won Telecom’s media account from Starcom a few months ago,​ in place and has boosted its expertise in digital channels by partnering with Touch/Cast, “we have taken another look at how we are managing our social media platforms”.

“Contagion have added a huge amount of value over the past 12 months, but as we are now moving towards integrating social media into everything we do, it made sense to bring it largely back in house, and into the Dynamo and Touchcast partnerships,” she says.

Recently, Telecom filled its digital/studio void with Clemenger Group, and specifically Touch/Cast, which is working closely with .99. Consortium is also thought to have been a recent addition to the Telecom roster and is working on its B2B business. It also works with lead agency Saatchi & Saatchi, which continues to take care of the big brand work, and other specialist agencies, although it’s thought to be actively decreasing the number of agencies it’s working with.

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