The Compendium: 12 July

Ikea brings a girl’s dollhouse to life in what is both charming, kooky and absolutely nightmare-inducing at the same time.


Amstel beer bucks the trend of ‘brovertising’ to bring some inspiration to its recent TVC.

We hope the tourists in this ad eventually got to see the real Mona Lisa.

Car manufacturer makes ad about cars polluting the world, with only solution being a car that pollutes the world slightly less.

The art of infomercials is still alive as this product demo-laden YouTube video shows. NeverWet everything! Your shoes, your phone and even your baby (warning: do not NeverWet your baby).

As this Adidas ad shows, soccer (or football as we call it in the Antipodes) would be a lot more enjoyable to watch if it’s played at night with strobe lights.

And beardvertising (it’s exactly what you think it is).

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