The Compendium: 28 March

Wieden + Kennedy finally found its first ever broadcast ads for Nike. 

McDonald’s found a bunch of people named Chicken to sell its chicken range in this part of the world. And Taco Bell has found a bunch of Ronald McDonalds to sell its new breakfast range. 

Google knows how to pull those heartstrings, and it’s done it again with a clip following India’s first voter (turn on captions for English translation). 

Samsung shows the dedication of paralympians—and how its products can help them. 

If you liked Lurpak’s odes to food (here, here and here), you’ll be fully engorged over this one. 

Louis Vuitton gets deep and meaningful about travelling with over-priced luggage and in entirely impractical clothing in this artsy, animal-heavy African number. 

As the slogan says, the Police put themselves in harm’s way so you don’t have to. And these ads from Scotland show that well. But we’re not sure showing a female police officer facing up to a man with a knife will help increase the number of recruits. 

And if you thought the police were tough, don’t forget the firemen. 

Someone really loves Tesla. And even though it’s fake, founder Eion Musk loved the ad.

As if Kevin Bacon wasn’t enough of a pop cultural icon, he’s put his dancing shoes on and gone viral for his apperance on Jimmy Fallon. 

Robots aren’t realistic. Oh, wait, that’s some pretty good grinding. 

World’s best dad employs some mad FX skillz (more here). 

It’s a fine line between brand loyalty and outright stupidity

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