The Compendium: 8 May

Deep thoughts from the internet’s golden child Anna Kendrick.

Moms say the darndest, stupidest, tech-related things (a question for the weekend: what will kids laugh at their parents for being incapable of in the future?)

MINI We Tow You Drive

MINI We Tow You Drive goes to the rescue of those in need — drivers left stranded by their own cars. In fact, the name says it all: while we towed away the broken down cars, the drivers got to drive on to their next destination in a MINI.Our campaign not only took the test drive out of the showroom and onto the streets, it really made the drivers’ day by unexpectedly turning an annoying situation into a pleasant surprise.

Posted by MINI on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Whether those with broken down cars are the main target market for Mini, this is opportunism at its finest.

Phone companies are such fun. 

Finally, a toilet paper company that admits its product is actually for arse-wiping.

As Cannes looms, one group wants agencies to help ensure good deeds last longer than three months. 

Mistake or genius? Postmodern homelistic art lets you decide.

A giant leap for yoghurt advertising.

Another culinary stunner from Lurpak.

Coca-Cola goes for a less saccharine form of happiness.

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