The Compendium: 8 March

Any campaign that supports young girls staying in sports has to be a good thing – given the drop out rate at 14 is twice as many girls than boys. This may feel like a bit of stretch for Pantene of all things, but it’s a worthy cause and Farah Ann Abdul Hadi is an athlete deserving of recognition.

Gender bias in language? Who would have thought? (Other than every woman ever, of course). But this is good ad from Elan Languages, this is a really positive step in the right direction. Little girls shouldn’t be discouraged from becoming a firefighter, police officer or camera operator just because people use biased, old-fashioned words in everyday speech. Un-gendering our language is a tiny change we can make right now, and the impact could be huge.

OK so we get the message of this ad, but did the Didi have to be so slow at revealing to her hard-working helper that she wasn’t firing her? The poor woman looked like she was on death row throughout this ad. As good as the message is, maybe the message should be ‘treat people like they’re real human beings every day of the week and then they won’t fear you so much’.

Inclusion in sport seems to be a hot topic this International Women’s Day and we’re here for it. As the sponsor of the top women’s football team in the world, the US team, Secrets is well-placed to celebrate excellence in women’s sports. 

These women seem slightly too young to be getting their breasts checked annually, but then who knows what the protocol is in Ukraine. It’s always good to be reminded that a simple check could save your life, and this ad does that.

This virtual system seems to have evolved too much. This ad is definitely channelling some serious Her vibes which is a little bit uncomfortable. Like is Samsung implying here that by the time the operating system is next updated, its virtual assistants will be able to tell users they love them? Yikes.

Living in a world completely invaded by drops Schweppes seems like a very sticky affair, but this is a very on-brand ad from the drinks company.

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