The Compendium: 6 September

A tingly wee number for Guinness.

If it’s real, this stunt by LG is pure evil. Add this prankvertising to the likes of the scary elevator and the deadly bathroom mirror

Buy an Ikea chair, for it will open your mind.

The chief executive of Volvo trucks really trusts his products.

Aardman Animation and the BBC’s promo for Tom Stoppard’s radio play, Darkside.

Kubota gives car ads a slap with its fantastic ‘sheer tractoring pleasure’ campaign.

Now that’s an indulgent gum.

French the rainbow.

Even gibberish can be made to sound good.

Got a spare 72 minutes? Watch a documentary to celebrate Streetfighter’s 25th anniversary. 

Nice one Roger Bucklesby, I’ll have the wanker crab thanks, and a brilliant campaign for Romania tourism that gives the Brits a serve. 

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