The Compendium: 5 October

To encourage the move to Google Cloud, Google created the future biographies of 10 high-profile CEOs, published as books.

Burger King Brazil shows customers just what happens when you let someone else choose for you – all in the name of raising awareness for the country’s presidential election.

Changing banks accounts has never looked as smooth as this Current Account Switch Service ad. 

Driving isn’t just about getting something from A to B, Westcan Bulk Transport proves some people are born for the road.

Skincare company Herbina gets back to nature in this ad.

After waiting years for something, Pink Ribbon wants to make sure you don’t lose it.

A connection so good, it’s like you’re there in this ad for Three.  

We live in a time where no one listens, so Nordic sound retailer HiFi Klubben shows the power of taking the time to hear the world around you.

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