The Compendium: 4 July

Nothing like a good folk song to make consumers want to download an app. 

Always questions the pervasiveness—and accompanying harm—of a commonly used phrase.

South African rugby player Bizmark du Plessis encourages cinema goers to turn off their mobile phones by tackling a loud-mouthed offender.  

John Oliver satirically applauds Dr Oz’s marketing prowess.

A British nerd gives viewers a colour-by-numbers guide on how to make a hit pop song.

As it turns out, business time on a bed has a very different—and far more boring—meaning in the United States.

An uninvited avian passenger serves as the punchline of this visual attack of an ad. 

Brave men have their prostates checked.

A bit of competitive advertising from Aldi, using an assortment of bizarre characters.

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