Compendium: 4 April

US-based McKinney, Durham borrows from Monty Python in a tongue-in-cheek Mentos spot that goes about “ruining the integrity of battle.”  

Just how rich could a lottery win make you? Well, according to this spot by DDB New York, rich enough to buy pretty much everyone in New York a round. 

Autotrader shows how it can help people overcome shortcomings of the vehicular persuasion in a new campaign executed by DDB Canada. 

The mirror gag is by no means new to advertising, but this cross-promotional spot, executed by BETC Paris, for Evian water offers a fun spin on the familiar theme.   

With the possibility of a final that could possibly feature Argentina and Brazil, this year’s Fifa World Cup has the potential to ooze rivalry. And while it’s still a while before the the first ball is kicked, Pepsi and Coca-Cola have already reignited their own rivalry by each launching two-minute spots.    

Detroit-based Leo Burnett aims to invoke the spine tingles in a spot that is somewhat reminiscent of DDB NZ’s recent commercial Sky.  

While few of us would argue against the rights of some to spend exorbitant sums of money on the snake oils pandered by the homeopathic industry, most of us are somewhat relieved that the medical industry hasn’t bought into the hype surrounding the latest fad.   

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