The Compendium: 31 May

A compelling manifesto for the good life.  

Heineken tests men's football devotion (and willingness to shirk responsibilities on a whim) with a great challenge. 

Subaru says seize the day (but beware the nude hicks and big waves). 

If you're going to sponsor a TV show like Defiance, then do it properly like Dodge. 

The follow-up to Kiss sees some fancy film-work for Vodafone UK (in what looks like Central Otago). 

Coca-Cola's all about sharing these days. And now you can share the real thing. 

Singing your emotions is certainly not condoned by StopPress. But for a musical, this Samsung number isn't too bad. 

Kids played by adults say the darndest things. 

Some classic Kiwiana from the top of the south. 

The Civilian's take on the cartoon controversy, seriously minimalist movie posters and faces in places.

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