The Compendium: 3 May

Is that even the same dog at the end of this ad? If not then we don’t get it, but if it is, this ad is unnecessarily sad – or maybe that’s the point.

If ever there was a genre of music guaranteed to tug on the heartstrings – it’s Irish music. This ad gets to the root of why sport is important in less than a minute.

It might just be a good thing that Amazon Prime doesn’t include free shipping in New Zealand – as if we need more incentives to impulse buy unnecessary products.

Wow you can really tell Siri and Alexa are very lucrative products – look at the production values of their wedding! It really seems like no expenses were spared for their big day.

Ovarian cancer doesn’t have the equivalent recognition or support of other female cancers. Such a low profile makes fundraising a challenge and leaves the women, who are living with the disease, feeling isolated and neglected – so this campaign really achieves its goal of being bold and inclusive.

This is one of those life-changing things you don’t realise is super important unless it affects you directly. This is so important, and it seems odd it has taken so long to create an app for it. 

In 2019, what could be more topical than this campaign?

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