The Compendium: 26 April

This is an interesting marketing tactic. This ad for a cheesy burger stars a man who hates cheese so much he’s escaped France and is living off the land on a desert island to protect himself during the cheese burgers three month run at McDonald’s. Hmmm.

Years after the European refugee crisis, at least six people still die every day fleeing across the Mediterranean. In 2018 alone, at 2,277 people attempting to cross the sea were unable to reach dry land. Aid organisation Sea-Watch attemps to make these dangers tangible for the general public with ‘LIFEBOAT – The Experiment’.

After a wave of plastic waste hit the coasts of the Dominican capital in mid-2018, a lot of people, companies and brands have tried to find a solution to make sure it never happens again. Alpha Inversiones, a brokerage firm, decided to convert its outdoor advertising into more 1,000 reusable bags – with the bags displaying the message: “This bag was once a billboard’.

In Bangladesh, there are 36 million financial outcasts living off the land, without the ability to access credit, save, and secure their future. AgroBanking by United Commercial Bank is the world’s first initiative to transform fresh fruits and vegetables into bank accounts. 

TK Maxx is either hell on Earth or it’s the treasure trove on the pirate’s X-marks-the-spot – there’s no inbetween, and the company seems to be playing off that in its toe-tapping latest spot.

Thomas Twining’s grand 300-year plan to one day sell a tea blend that could soothe future tummies makes no claims to be effective treatment for other, more ailments – such as “just the little” plague.

Genuinely lovely message put forward in this video – one to tug on the heartstrings. But the product placement is just a little bit too much to get completely lost in the narrative. 

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