The Compendium: 21 August


Sick of drinking. Now you can breathe booze. 

“There’s no hope with dope”

Be at a festival without the geographic requirements

Advice wipes. 

Sweat it to get it

Beach dreaming

People asked Reddit to give them a good roasting and things got brutal, fast.

Americans seem bemused that we’d have a flag competition here in little old New Zealand. Then again, no one here seems particularly enthused about it either.

With brilliant tracks such as; “I’ve never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke” and “WE NEED GLOBAL WARMING”, it’s small wonder that Huffington Postclass Trump news as entertainment rather than politics.

With tablets, smartphones and modern computers, watch these little ones grabble with the intricacies of an ’80s computer.

First glitter, now this guy guy who’s raking in 10k a month from personalized potatoes. 

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