The Compendium: 15 February

We truly have no clue what this ad for Grameenphone in Bangladesh is advertising, but it has a very strong emotional arch whatever it is. It’s a nice twist on traditional lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day ads.

KFC France is terribly funny – key word being terrible. What a prank it pulled on the French public by pretending it was introducing beef. Don’t worry it was all an hilarious hoax and I’m sure the French are now hysterically laughing over their baguettes. 

To be honest if Lisa is having to get dressed for work while still have a baby young enough to sleep in her room we’re glad that man was woken up by that musical dog/bear hybrid. 

Apparently, Lada Granta has cars so good, you’ll forget you ignore your children and constantly let them down. Thankfully the pull of a ballet receital was enough to turn the relationship around – and the agility of the car made the quick transition from work to the performance possible, of course. 

The Norwegian Humanist Association is biting back at the Minister of Family Affairs who decided to remove the responsibility for equality from the ministry in this ad. They’re saying no one gets to decide if a family is normal and it’s a very sweet way of doing so.

While people who create smart houses act so smug, they’re secretly just trapped in the hell they created. Norwegian no-frills supermarket chain proves that simplicity is key in this ad.

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