Colenso BBDO teams up with Spark and Outline for Pride

Colenso BBDO has gone the extra length for Pride, creating a documentary-style film alongside Spark and Outline to encourage better workplace recruitment of LGBTQIA+ individuals.

The main during Pride is to support the rainbow community in all aspects of life, including shining a light on the unemployment rate within the group, double that of the general population.

Outline, a support line charity, has been a partner of Spark for two years and wanted to show it’s able to provide coaching and advice for members of the community when applying for work.

Colenso BBDO’s video touches on what it’s like for trans and non-binary people going through the recruitment process. It’s about not only affirming that Outline is here to support them, but also that resources for employers seeking to foster more inclusive workplaces are available. 

The video is fronted by gender non-conforming performer Gabriel, also known as Princess, who through phone conversations with their mum and potential employers, demonstrates some of the employment challenges that members of the LGBTQIA+ community can face.

Outline managing director, Claire Black said that whilst the main priority is to offer support for the rainbow community, it’s time to continue the same supportive conversation into the workplace.

“I’m so pleased that we are still able to remind people of the important conversations that need to be had amongst family and friends, but also that the conversation has now evolved, and extended into the workplace.”

Says Beth O’Brien and Thom Darlow, Colenso BBDO said, “Raising awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues during Pride month is always an extremely rewarding time for us. Making work with such a diverse group of special individuals, from our star – Princess – to the director, crew, and client is a privilege. More than anything else, it reminds us why we love what we do.” 

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