Colenso and Mountain Dew take street art online

Digital graffiti artists are coming to the fore and swarming Mountain Dew’s website with 20,000 unique visitors since Colenso BBDO’s Beyond the Wall campaign began at the beginning of the month.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdlBtv15zykThe next step up from its Skate Park campaign of last year, the concept for the campaign to launch Passionfruit Frenzy, which replaced the Pitch Black variety and is part of Mountain Dew’s ongoing flavour rotation strategy, was the brainchild of Colenso’s digital creative director Dan Wright and was launched with a film by 8com’s Andy Morton showing Kiwi graffiti artist Kairau ‘Haser’ Bradley creating a 3D graffiti piece with motion capture technology and 3D animation, getting it made into a 3.5m long fibreglass sculpture then placing it in a downtown Auckland alleyway under the cover of darkness.

Now, in a campaign of a similar creative/tech bent to its recent work for fellow Frucor brand V, Mountain Dew is asking the public to do the same, digitally, with a cool $20K awarded to the best effort by Haser. 

Mountain Dew wants the public to embrace their inner graffiti artist and take it to 3D using bespoke software on the website. Drawing a design with your mouse, you can then work on the shape, style, fatness, gloss and colour. You can then just leave it in the underground studio provided as a background, or take a leaf out of Bradley’s book and have it dropped on the streets using coordinates entered into Google maps.

“A lot of people leave them in the studio, but other people put it outside their house, or at international locations—we had a couple beside the Eiffel tower,” says Samantha Parsons of Colenso BBDO. “… Certainly this technology we haven’t used before and it’s fun to see people have a bit of a play.”

The creations—2,000 so far—can all be viewed in the online gallery and flicked out to Facebook friends. The site also picks five weekly winners, which go into the final draw for the big prize. Colenso BBDO is also looking into the possibility of printing the winning design itself in 3D fibreglass, but this depends on its dimensions.

“Mountain Dew is all about taking your passion to the next level and every year we strive to push the boundaries and look for new and exciting ways to engage with our consumers to enable this to happen,” saysJoanna Hollins, senior brand manager at Frucor. “We encourage our partners to live and breathe our brand and Colenso help us to do this every year. As a team, we knew we had to do something special to build on the success of last year’s Skate Pinball campaign and Colenso came through once again.”


Agency: Colenso BBDO

Creative Chairman: Nick Worthington

Creative Director: Levi Slavin

Digital Creative Dan Wright

Copywriter: Rachel Walker

Account Team: Tim Ellis (Group Account Director) Samantha Parsons (Account Director) Matthew Abbott (Account Manager) Eileen Cosgrove-Moloney (Account Executive)

Agency Producers: Jen Story, James McMullan, and Sheriden Derby

Production Company: 8com

Director: Andy Morton

Producer: Katie Millington and Ivan Barge

PR Gemma Ross, Kate McGahan, Anna Fitzpatrick

Clients: Aisha Dajii Punga (Commercial Development Director), Geraldine Schnauer (Marketing Manager), Joanna Hollins, (Senior Brand Manager), Emma Raymond (Assistant Brand Manager)

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