Coke’s name fest continues with launch of festive cans

Just as humans will always react strangely when they see themselves on the big screen at the cricket, it seems they will also react strangely when they have the chance to see their name on a can of Coke, something the Share a Coke campaign has tapped into, first in Australia and now in New Zealand with the help of Ogilvy. And, continuing its long association with the festive season and adding to the more than 200 popular Kiwi first names (as this chap found out, Osama wasn’t one of them) and colloquial terms like Mate, Sis, Bro, Mum and Dad that have taken the place of the brand’s cherished logo, Coca-Cola has released another limited edition set of cans featuring the names of Santa and his nine reindeer.



“Coca-Cola has always been about happiness and sharing good times with friends and family, and this Christmas will be no different,” says Brid Drohan-Stewart, sparkling beverages marketing manager. “Santa has featured in Coke advertising since the 1920s and contributed to many fond holiday memories for consumers, so we’re very excited to add a new twist this year with Santa and his reindeer in our Share a Coke line-up.”

The cans will be available in store in multi-packs in the coming weeks. And behind the two attention hoggers Santa and Rudolph, we’re picking Vixen will also be popular, particularly in West Auckland, The Hutt and Invercargill. 

And, in yet more naming craziness,Coca-Cola also has a treat in store for Christmas in the Park concert-goers on 8 December as it’s giving them an opportunity to have their name in lights on a massive interactive billboard. Narcissists rejoice! 

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