Cars and clothes collide in Audi/Huffer collaboration

Huffer, which turned 15 this year, joined forces with Absolut last year to design its own bottle and now it’s putting its special touch on premium cars, because 15 unique Audi A1s—the result of a collaboration with local fashion man and Audi ambassador Steve Dunstan—will hit Kiwi shores in January. 

Blending fashion cred with the latest tech to be found atop four wheels, the limited-edition range of three-door A1 Sport Pluses will be badged with its own Huffer identity, which Dunstan has been beavering away on for the past year.

“We think the design is contemporary, exciting and sporty, with a massive focus on the detail.” 

Dunstan set out, essentially, to create his perfect ride. He designed three exterior colour combinations (all black, red with a black roof, and white with a black roof) and incorporated racing-style bucket seats, interior fabrics in sprint cloth and black leather, a suede-covered steering wheel, handbrake and gear selector, and brushed aluminium inlays.

He says the interior combines sporty elements with textured materials, so the feel and form was a key design consideration. 

His favourite features? The suede steering wheel, twin-clutch gear box, and the MMI navigation system.

Huffer audi limited edition car

“The car‘s wireless technology allows you to simply get in and everything just syncs straight away – you can make calls and listen to music without even pushing a button.  I’ve kept my own needs front and centre, so this is truly a car that can handle a full-on lifestyle.”

No word on whether the Simon Gault Audi will be drizzled with jus and will have that ‘five percent magic’. 


  • This is an edited version of a story that originally appeared on idealog.co.nz

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