Close call: DDB and KiwiRail highlight train driver trauma

Following the tremendous success of 2019’s “Near Miss Memorials,” KiwiRail, DDB, and TrackSAFE NZ have launched yet another campaign to reinforce the impact near misses have on Kiwi train drivers.

Last year’s campaign saw half crosses placed at rail crossing where fatalities had almost occurred. Each half cross had a QR code that linked to a unique video of a real near-miss story and how that near-miss had affected the train driver.

As the campaign snapped up 14 Axis Awards and four AWARDS, DDB and KiwiRail have reintroduced the issue to the public, this time focusing on Locomotive Engineer, Fletcher Goldsworthy and his traumatising experience with near misses.

“We wanted to build on the success of last year’s campaign by using the powerful symbol of our near-miss memorials and Fletcher’s story to emphasise how the reckless behaviour of trying to beat the train can have a significant and lasting impact on the rail community,” says Damon Stapleton, DDB NZ regional chief creative officer.

Despite all of the precautions in places like flashing lights, warning bells, barrier arms, gates and signage, there were still 323 near misses recorded between June 2019 and June 2020.

The campaign is a reminder that the trespassing, near misses, collisions, and other incidents on rail lines caused by the public continues to be an issue for train drivers and is causing a deep and long-lasting psychological impact.

“One thing we learnt from the previous campaign was how effective turning the focus to those inside the train was in helping the public understand the effect this has on the train drivers,” says TrackSAFE foundation manager, Megan Drayton.

Fletcher’s story is touching but not unique, which is why we need to continue encouraging people to change their behaviour and avoid taking unnecessary risks at level crossings.”

OOH sites across three regions will display near miss numbers from the last twelve months and the realities of near miss incidents will be brought to life through an installation at Takutai Square in Britomart, Auckland.

The campaign will also run across social, web, print and radio.



Jane Sherriff, Community Engagement Manager, KiwiRail

Megan Drayton, Foundation Manager, TRACKSAFE


AU/NZ Regional CCO: Damon Stapleton

ECD: Gary Steele

Creative Directors: Brett Colliver & Mike Felix

Senior Creatives: Adam Barnes & James O’Sullivan

Account Service: Anna Hall, Paris Reardon

Print Production: Julz Lane

Digital Production: Johannes Gertz, Jason Vertongen, Danillo Castilho, James Li

Video Production: Judy Thompson, Amanda Summersby, Dan Cummings, Milon Williams

Photographer: Mat Baker

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