Climate justice song: marketing crash & burn

Have you heard the celebrity remake of Midnight Oil’s Beds are Burning for the Tck Tck Tck campaign? I’m afraid it’s necessary to see how lame it really is. Critics have been lambasting it for the past week.

Youtube Video

How did they get it so wrong? Simple: only about five known faces among a chorus of 50 never-heard-ofs, lacklustre arrangement, hotch potch delivery and bad acting. Video looks better without the soundtrack.

The fact that Peter Garrett rewrote some of the lyrics but didn’t bother to appear in the song seems a bit strange. Despite the reviews, on ABC’s The World Today, Garrett thinks “they’ve done a really good job” and the song is “sweet”.

But, as the critics say, “it lacks the power and the passion”.

Garrett defends the campaign:

It’s far too easy for people to be cynical about the way music reaches people and touches people and inspires them. And the fact is that this is a soundtrack for the times. It’s a song that’s going to be used in a way which is I think very positive. And I hope people, you know, have a listen and jump on the site and do something.

Good magazine’s Annabel McAleer sums it up well in her blog, quoting the Guardian (“Chris Martin. Where is he?”) and then offering her pick for a climate change anthem.

tck bandBy all means visit www.timeforclimatejustice.org to support the cause, make a donation and buy merchandise such as a tck band, pin or dog tags. Just try not to let the song bore you into inaction.

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