Clemenger BBDO and Waka Kotahi send strong drink driving message

Showing a cross-section of Kiwis and some familiar drinking moments, Clemenger BBDO’s latest campaign for Waka Kotahi reminds us just how good nights out can end badly.

‘Doors’ shows not just the moment drink drivers skid off the road, get busted by the cops, or overshoot that corner. Instead, how bad night get started – the moment they make the call to open their car door.

Every week, there are around 500 drink driving offences across New Zealand. While the message to not drink and drive is widely known, many of these drivers have developed a sense of complacency.

“They know the drink-driving limits, know the Police are out there, and know that drinking increases their chances of crashing – but they’re still willing to take the chance,” explains Rachel Prince, Principal Advisor Advertising at Waka Kotahi.

“They’ve made a habit of risking the unknown.”

It’s these complacent drink drivers across New Zealand that Doors confronts with the harsh reality that it could all go wrong in an instant. With the aim to tap into a crucial moment of decision.

“We’re planting a seed of doubt before people are even sitting in their driver’s seat. Interrupting that carefree, floaty, drunken feeling with the hard realities of what could happen – before it actually happens. Doors shows that the choice to not drive in the first place is a choice to not crash, to not to get busted, to not to ruin your night,” says Brigid Alkema, ECD at Clemenger BBDO Wellington.

The piece was brought to life by production company Good Oil and director Joel Kefali. Known for his vibrant visual style, Kefali enjoyed applying his hand to a darker tone.

“The relaxed feelings brought on by drinking, and the very negative consequences of drink driving was an interesting juxtaposition to explore,” he says

The launch piece is followed by short-form versions of each consequence, showing how each call to drive can turn bad fast.


Client: Waka Kotahi – NZ Transport Agency
Creative Agency: Clemenger BBDO Wellington
Media Agency: OMD
Production Company: Good Oil
Director: Joel Kefali
Managing Director: George Mackenzie
Executive Producer: Andrew McLean
DOP: Ginny Loane
Editor: Stewart Reeves, The Editors
Online: Blockhead VFX
Colourist: Dave Gibson
Music: Cam Ballantyne, Beatworms
Photographer: Steve Boniface, Match Photographers
Retoucher: One White Chair

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