Cirkus lends its animation mastery to Australia’s Monash Children’s Hospital

Local production company Cirkus has teamed up with DDB Melbourne to delve into children’s imaginations in a beautiful animation that celebrates the launch of the new Monash Children’s Hospital Imagination Appeal.

The Imagination Appeal raises funds for Australia’s Monash Children’s Hospital, where it’s believed imagination is the best medicine. Fittingly, the emotive animation takes a look at that imagination by painting a picture of an intergalactic voyage taken by Tahlia, a patient, while she’s getting a scan.

In the video, the machine turns into a spaceship and it takes Tahlia to see aliens, both good and bad, as well as stars and planets surrounded by rings. As she narrates her adventure, Tahlia interacts with voices outside of the video and at the end, those voices are revealed to be hospital staff.

Led by animation director Romain Borrel, the Cirkus illustration team designed and boarded up a naïve 2D style reflecting a child’s imaginative world. Most of what’s seen was then built and animated in 3D, before being rendered out in a flat style to stay true to the original 2D art.

Cirkus Team
Animation Director: Romain Borrel
Design & Illustration: Anna Lee, Rebecca Tan
Modeling, Texturing, Rigging & Render: Sam Wheldon
Animation: Bailey Xiong, Joon Seok Yoon, Mauricio Bartok
Producer: Puteri Raja Ariff 

Live Action Director: Grantley Smith

Music & Sound Design: Nylon Studios
Music Composition: Jesse Watt
Sound Designer: Stuart Welch
Producer: Karla Henwood

Audio/VO Mixing: Gusto Music

Agency Team: DDB Melbourne
Creative: Brett Edwards, Murray Bransgrove
Production: Tuesday Picken, Sophie Simmons, Jo Alach
Account Management: Stuart Smith

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