Ads of the Week: 24 October

Who’s it for: Simplot by Barnes, Catmur & Friends Dentsu

Why we like it: Many can relate to a mum’s continuous calling for her kids to join her at the table for dinner and in this case, magazines, the PlayStation and pruning the garden are all more important. It’s not until a deliciously satisfying crunch is heard that all come running. No doubt that delightful crunch triggered a few cravings among the viewers as well.  

Who’s it for: Mike Pero Real Estate by Plato Creative

Why we like it: While the link between Mike Pero Real Estate and the motorcycle trip is a little tenuous, this spot successfully manages to promote New Zealand’s beauty. As Pero rides down the country to deliver what we assume to be a housewarming gift, he also gets the chance to show off his motorbike riding ability, which has seen him set the New Zealand land speed record for 350cc motorcycles in 1979. The 238 km/h record still stands today and we wonder if he tried to break it on his trip down south.

Who’s it for: M&M’s New Zealand by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: The end of the month is looming and that means it’s time for all things spooky to come out. M&M’s New Zealand has kicked off the haunting early by placing boxes of the chocolate candy in an Auckland haunted house. The haunting is being live streamed on a dedicated Facebook page and since it began a week ago, a series of supporting videos have been shared with evidence of paranormal activity. It’s anyone’s guess how spooky it will get as we approach the ominous date of 31 October. 

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