Chucking out the old Stuff

Big changes are afoot for Fairfax if the ComCom approves the application to merge with NZME. But small changes are also afoot, judging by the slightly modified Stuff logo. 

Everyone loves a logo change—or, more accurately, everyone loves criticising a logo change, as we’ve seen with everything from Spark to Instagram to AirBnB. Those changes are a lot bigger than this subtle refresh, but someone, somewhere, decided a subtle refresh, which includes a new font on the masthead and in the mobile app, a new circular icon and a new, thinner underscore featuring a colour gradient, was in order.

New vs old. 

Some who feel the name Stuff is a sadly fitting descriptor for the kind of content that has to be published to get those sweet, sweet clicks might have been hoping for a completely new name, not just a new logo. But it’s a good change and, in keeping with the shift to mobile, it certainly looks more ‘appy’ (the new icon has arrived on iOS, but not yet on Android). With all the major changes set to take place in the coming months, it is quite interesting timing, however, almost like doing the pre-clean before the cleaner comes, buying that new shirt before you meet the parents or, perhaps more pertinently, spending budget in an effort to get that same budget next year. Hope it was expensive. 

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