Chocolate meets fashion as Bloomsberry star continues to rise

Bloomsberry calls itself the inventor of the world’s most fashionable chocolate. And the Kiwi-founded, London-based company is living up to that reputation: its trendy, chocolatey wares are now being stocked in selected outlets of one of the UK’s most fashionable High St clothing chains, Top Shop.

With varieties like Email Chocolate, Ultimate Boyfriend Bar, Bochox and Girth Control Chocolate, all of which come equipped with some quirky copy, Bloomsberry has taken a unique approach to chocolate branding for its new Labs range (almost like the Vitamin Water of the chocolate world). And having actually tasted the Emergency chocolate, its success appears to be a triumph of sizzle over sausage.

The cool packaging and marketing was designed by graphic designer and founder Giles Barker and Wellington-based graphic designer Caspian Ievers and illustrated by “sought after Argentinean” Leandro Castelao, who soon has some work coming out for Nike. Behold! The awesome power of good, interesting and different in the world of design and marketing (also, pedant alert, behold the missing apostrophes on the title page).

In another recent coup, as of June, Bloomsberry’s Emergency Milk and Dark 3.5oz bars have been stocked in 229 Duane Reade drugstores in Manhattan.

Check out the different varieties at the Bloomsberry Labs site. And read the Idealog story about the rise of Bloomsberry here

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