A cheeky programmatic specialist

Zane Furtado, the programmatic director at Acquire Online, recently put his skills to good use by bidding on the phrase ‘Best programmatic specialist in New Zealand’ and then serving an ad with his personal details attached.

And while this is just a cheeky stunt to show how effective programmatic ad-serving strategies can be in terms for delivering promotions to the target audience, it does illustrate how creativity does have a place in marketing automation.

“With the enormous wealth of targeting options available, developing targeted and customised creative not only appeals to the audience, but also drives curiosity,” Furtado previously told StopPress.

Furtado also says that programmatic provides brands with some interesting ambush marketing opportunities. For example, he says, if one brand is set to launch a major campaign, a competitor could bid for the words associated with the campaign, driving traffic to an entirely different site. And in addition to annoying competitors, this could also drive up the cost of the ad placement. 

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