Acquire partners with Greenbids for another New Zealand first

Acquire, EightyOne Media and Greenbids have teamed up in a ground-breaking digital campaign for Robert Harris in New Zealand, a significant milestone in the advertising industry’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions while optimising campaign performance.

Greenbids, recognised for its innovative approach in adtech, has introduced pioneering solutions that integrate carbon optimisation with media performance.

Through the use of machine learning, Greenbids achieves an optimal balance between media effectiveness and reducing carbon emissions in programmatic campaigns and YouTube advertising.

Acquire’s decision to partner with Greenbids for a test campaign underscores the growing global emphasis on reducing carbon footprints. The digital media buy for Robert Harris encompassed display, video, and YouTube channels, with a comprehensive approach aiming at both enhancing brand awareness and driving traffic to the website.

Zane Furtado, GM of Technology & Innovation at Acquire, highlighted the importance of measuring the carbon footprint on digital media, using vendors like Scope3 or others.

However, the key challenge was finding a solution that not only offsets or excludes media with high carbon footprints but also ensures that the campaign’s performance remains unaffected.

Greenbids’ custom algorithm had the ability to enhance media performance while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions, exemplifying a winning solution that combines advertising efficiency with environmental responsibility.

Guillaume Grimbert, CEO and Co-founder of Greenbids, expressed immense honour in forging a partnership with Acquire. He sees this collaboration as a pivotal step in transforming the advertising sector towards a more sustainable future, emphasizing responsibility as a core principle.

The partnership signifies a shared commitment to steering the industry towards a future that is not only more sustainable but also places environmental responsibility at its core.

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