Huckleberry and Rainger and Rolfe show ‘It’s what inside that matters’

Ordinary, kinky, chunky, sassy and stubby; Huckleberry New Zealand celebrates the beauty of organics by embracing misshapen carrots in its latest TVC as a part of a new EcoStore Xventure television show sponsorship.

Made via Rainger and Rolfe, the ad declares ‘It’s what’s inside that matters’. 


Huckleberry chief executive officer, Richard Lee, says everyone knows organics are the future, but it is also important to shed light on why organics are special. 

He says the line – ‘just as nature intended’ –  is symbolic to what Huckleberry stands for. 

“We love it because everything we offer really is straight out of nature. We just have to make sure we don’t get in the way.”

Jen Rolfe, managing partner at Rainger and Rolfe, says creatively she felt the carrot could talk to this perfectly.

“While it might sound left-field, but with the simplicity, humour and delightful sense of irreverence, we actually found consumers quickly get the message.”

This ad comes a year after Countdown’s ‘odd bunch’ initiative launching a sub-brand of fruits and vegetables that would normally be considered too ugly to be sold in stores to help reduce the amount of fresh produce that goes to waste every year.

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