The changing face of 2degrees can be seen in new campaign

Telco network 2degrees has again teamed up with Special Group for its latest ad campaign pushing its ‘Pay Monthly’ plans, one of the first ads that doesn’t feature quirky New Zealand comedian Rhys Darby.

The telco has taken a whole new approach with its latest two ads, lending its face a more sophisticated feel, which makes the network seem more serious and grown up, in comparison to the ‘new kid on the block’ feel its previous ads had.

Creative agency Special Group (which 2degrees has been using for the past 18 months) produced the ads, which push 2degree’s latest “reinvented” phone plans.

2degree’s marketing manager Malcolm Phillipps says the latest campaign is targeted towards customers who like to keep up-to-date with the latest smart phones, while also being about the changing ways Kiwis’ are using their phones and how the network is adjusting to those needs.

“This campaign is about our market leading new ‘Pay Monthly’ plans and the ability to get a new phone every year with ‘Trade Up’ – so there is a definite focus on Pay Monthly customers who like to keep up to date with the now annual procession of exciting new devices.”

According to 2degree’s website, the network’s new ‘Pay Monthly’ plans don’t bind customers into any long-term contracts and offer the option of carrying over any unused data or minutes.

The more expensive plans, starting at $49 allow its customers to partake in a bit of style obsolescence, with the ability to ‘Trade Up’ annually to the latest smart phone for an extra $10 per month over the course of a year and a ‘Trade Up’ $120 fee at the end of the 12 months.

Philipps says that 2degrees and Rhys Darby had a great working relationship, but 2degrees has to think about how and where it can best reach its audience.

“2degrees and Rhys had enjoyed a fantastic five and a half year relationship. We’re proud of the work we’ve done together – however with the changing face of media in New Zealand we have to think differently about how we can best reach our audience where they are and that’s not necessarily on TV, where Rhys has worked best for us. Also, Rhys has moved permanently to LA.”

He says while the current campaign is “TV based”, 2degrees will soon be dipping its brush into other media outlets to extend its reach to the consumer.

“…you’ll see different creative moving forward across different media- ranging from the traditional, to digital, to integrated content, to sponsorships.”

Special Group creative director Tony Bradbourne says the agency worked with Stephen Carroll’s Exit Films and photographer Derek Henderson for stills to capture just how Kiwi’s are using their phones today. He says there were no actors in the television commercials, and that it was all street casting.

“The inspiration was all around how Kiwi’s are using their mobile phones now. Our research shows that using your mobile to make a call is down to the fifth most common use. So data now is hugely important, and that’s what’s great about these incredible new plans from 2degrees – huge data, more minutes, no long contracts.”

He says though the commercials have only been on the market for a day, the responses to them so far have been positive.

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