Swede as

If you’ve got nothing to say, sing it. But if you’ve got something to say about working conditions, rap it. Wise advice that Swedish trade union TCO has done to show how good it is to do “business like a Swede”. 

As it explains on YouTube: “This is the story of the Swedish Part Model – a winning collaboration between trade unions and employers’ organisations since 1938 that sets the A in awesome.” 

This is a follow-up to last year’s Like a Swede, which showed that the Swedish way was the hot new trend in LA and was also made by ANR BBDO. 

Corporate rapping might get you some extra attention, but it’s very risky territory, as the below clips prove. And, given the reasonably dull subject matter of TCO, there’s a high degree of difficulty, so it has to rank as one of the better efforts. 

And for a list of the best commercial rapping, Complex has compiled its top 50. 

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