Cashmobs strike Auckland. Actual flashmobs outraged

The Auckland CBD was abuzz with dancing and frivolity today as a host of flashmobbers descended on the city centre for a little bit of very well-organised corporate-funded pseudo-spontaneity.

Youtube Video

The urban malarkey saw the roving gang of rather oxymoronic corporate flashmobbers perform at the Civic Centre, Britomart and Freyberg Square (with more to come at Vulcan Lane, the ferry terminal and the Viaduct later today) in an attempt to extol the virtues of TiVo to innocent passersby.

Fabian Frey of the New Zealand Sponsorship agency says: “Telecom wanted to do something fun and interactive that brightens up people’s days and brings life to TiVo. So they got together some dancers, some Telecom staff and flashmob enthusiasts. The Youtube element highlights the pause, rewind, and automatic record feature of TiVo.”

flashmobA few commentators appreciated the dancing escapades, but most likened it to a rent-a-crowd.

It’s hard to disagree with this comment on YouTube: “2005 called and it would like its internet fad back, please.”

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