A case for not losing your kid at Ikea, by Ikea

Ikea Singapore is not afraid to scare the crap out of its customers with a tongue-in-cheek ad out just in time for Halloween.

The clip references probably the scariest movie ever made, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, but luckily for me (weak in temperament) the agency involved has taken the humorous approach.

Test yourself and see how many references to the Stanley Kubrick classic you can find. 

These were my favourites:

The scene where little Danny goes into a trance and scrawls REDRUM (murder backwards) on a door gets some comic relief in the Ikea version – the dripping words REDRUG signposts, surprise surprise, an red Ikea rug.

The chilling typing of Jack Nicholson’s character Jack Torrance, as he descends into madness, is replaced by Ikea’s version in the bed section: ‘All work and no sleep makes life dull.’

And thank goodness they take the heat off those creepy twins by making them hilariously overgrown (one of them is definitely a man, right?).

The retail giant cements the promotion with a Facebook competition. Users can log on, look for certain products within the ad and screenshot them on Facebook for the chance to win an Ikea gift card.

“It’s treats not tricks! In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve hidden 13 IKEA products in our video for 13 lucky fans to win IKEA Gift Cards (worth $30),” they say.

The only question is, will you ever be able to go to Ikea alone again? I, for one, will be in constant fear of going to the bathroom and being locked inside for eternity.

And in other Halloween advertising news, Subway has got into trouble for being sexist in this Halloween slim-down ad that points out the obvious: you’ve gotta be in shape to get into your foxy fullback costume this season.

In a more innocently themed Halloween ad, Walmart dresses Dad in a ridiculous turtle costume and takes advantage of the absurd psychological pressure we put on ourselves to give good lollies to trick-or-treaters.

While Skittles took a far more creative approach to their Halloween promotions, with this highly amusing ad that centres on a predatory spider.


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