CarboNZero Sustainability Award: All Good Organics

Per capita, New Zealand has the highest rate of banana consumption in the world. But, because we can’t grow enough of them ourselves, importing them is the only way to satisfy our voracious appetite. For All Good Organics, the problem was the wrong kind of bananas were being consumed, so it established a new socially responsible and sustainable banana brand that was, as the slogan says, good for the land, good for the grower, and good for consumers’ consciences—and they did it with an extremely limited budget and a challenger brand twinkle in the eye.

In just one year, All Good has exceeded all of its sales objectives and grown 350 percent YOY between May 2010-May 2011. Its market share has gone from zero to more than four percent of the New Zealand market, it’s sold one million bunches of Fairtrade bananas at up to 33 percent more than the price of its larger competitors and it’s even become the banana of choice for the animals at Auckland and Wellington Zoos.

But the beauty of this business model is that All Good has also been able to provide teachers to 17 schools and specialists for two medical clinics in El Guabo, Ecuador, where the bananas are grown. And it’s hard to put a price on that.

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THE PEOPLE: Julia Collins and All Good Organics team

THE PARTNERS: Doublefish, Skull ‘n’ Bones, DNA

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