Buyology lesson: Hypermedia gears up for the ‘next big land grab’

Wattie’s general manager of marketing Tim Skellern called the battle of the shelf ‘the next big land grab‘. And in-store media and shopper marketing agency Hypermedia has released some information to prove its worth. 

general manager Phil Neely says they are relatviely new disciplines in
New Zealand, but they have been fully entrenched in overseas markets for
more than a decade and working powerfully to drive product sales. Some
research shows almost 70 percent of purchasing decisions are made
in-store, so he says the premise behind this form of marketing lies in
understanding the thought process a shopper goes through and enabling
brands to advertise where they’re making these vital brand choices.

Energy and Whittaker’s Chocolate have activated their brands with
in-store media campaigns implemented by Hypermedia, with Pure Energy
showing 42 percent more product units were sold compared to control
stores without Hypermedia installations, while 42 more more individual
shoppers purchased Pure Energy drinks where the campaigns were

Whittaker’s new Berry & Biscuit chocolate campaign
was also control-tested in the Auckland market, comparing sales in
stores without advertising with sales in stores that had Hypermedia
installations. The results showed 22 percent more units sold and 22
percent more customers purchasing Whittaker’s Chocolate where there was
an in-store campaign.

Neely says until recently New Zealand retail stores were not thought
of as potential advertising mediums, but through its “in-zone media
products” such as floor decals, brand hangers and digital screen
technology, he says FMCG brands particularly are starting to see the

“Traditional advertising platforms such as print and
television no longer provide as much cut through because people have
developed an immunity to bombardment from traditional message channels,”
he says. “A chocolate advertisement is more effective delivered next to
a bar of chocolate than it is in a magazine. Put simply, our proximity
to products helps give our advertising offering the winning edge …

have entered a new era of consumption and shopping behaviour. Today, 68
percent of purchases in-store are unplanned, which needs to be
addressed with creative solutions that speak to shoppers where it
matters most—the point of purchase. Through our in-store advertising,
brands are able to get directly in front of 2.5 million shoppers per
week. That’s an audience almost twice the size of a weekly television
audience at a far more competitive advertising rate.”

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