Burrito aficionado ventures into teaching with Shit They Don’t Teach You in School

Burrito connoisseur Ben Polkinghorne is tackling the appalling gaps in New Zealand’s education system by teaching untaught (but ever important) skills, such as opening beer bottles with seat belts and how to get free parking (note: this one might be illegal).

Polkinghorne runs the Auckland Burrito Review (ABR) and is a creative at Colenso BBDO. His latest personal project is a webseries called Shit They Don’t Teach You in School, which documents useful life tips that may have been missed by your primary school teacher (and probably for good reason, too).  

The STDTYIS Facebook page has almost 1,000 fans while the first episode has been viewed over 5,000 times.​

The idea for the show has been floating around the back of Polkinghorne’s head for several years, he says. The first episode was produced over two weekends by Polkinghorne, his roomate / cinematographer and mate (aka the Wheelie Bin Guy). The aim is to eventually produce an episode every fortnight, using tips and suggestions from the community.

“In the future we want to build a bit of a community around this and take all this knowledge that’s out there about random things and share it,” he says.

Polkinghorne is adamant that this isn’t some L&P/Whittaker’s-esque brand campaign in hiding.


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