Build it and they shall come, float it and they might visit

Readers of New Zealand building industry magazine Build can look forward to a new contemporary design in October as part of enhancements that will soon include digital delivery and better access to back articles. And island lovers have also got something to look forward to with the launch of the inaugural Island Destinations annual.

Build has very loyal readers who keep telling us they love the magazine,” says editor Annemarie Crampton. “But it’s time for a fresh new look. The new design is clean and fresh, and contains easy to digest bite-sized information, more of the clear visual graphics and stunning images interwoven with pull quotes, facts and figures. We’ve
also expanded and repackaged Build’s
ever-popular signature content – The Right Stuff – detailing good building design and construction practice, and
added a new advertising options for showcasing new products.”

Highlights of the new-look Build will include a new technical section that brings together previous Build Right and Design Right sections in an expanded format, a section including the latest industry news, reviews, opinion, profiles and events; and five products to watch. 

Build, which is published by BRANZ, has an audited circulation of 17,034 and reaches nearly 40,000 readers across the construction industry, with its primary audience being builders, architects, designers andbuilding officials. It also reaches manufacturers, subcontractors, engineers,building suppliers, educationproviders and building owners.

Speaking of words and pictures, Destinations Magazine has just released its first Island Destinations annual, with a cover designed by Rowena Bahl featuring islands on parachutes dropping out of the sky and a rather tropical contents page. 

“In this edition of Island Destinations we have chosen just 13 very special islands and island nations. We reach them by sea and by air. We stay and we dream, we immerse ourselves in the culture and embrace the emerging and often unique adventures that islands offer,” says publisher Bruce Laybourn.

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