Brought to you by the letter K

Google was up to K for the latest version, 4.4, of its Android OS. And this time generic sweet treats have taken a back seat to some KitKat campaign deliciousness.

Nestle has even promoted ‘Christopher Catlin’ to chief breaks officer for the occasion. He explains why Kitkat 4.4 is the future of confectionery. 

“Every finger of every bar has been carefully considered and crafted to create a beautifully immersive and multi-sensory experience. With adjustable orientation, it works perfectly in portrait or landscape for a panoramic taste experience. Kitkat 4.4 is the perfect second screen companion, compatible with all liquid accessories.” 

We see what you did there, tech ad piss take.

These #classicKITKAT bars even have a tri-core, wafer thin CPU with full chocolate coverage.

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