It’s just better (and slightly difficult to explain): Mitsubishi and Clemenger BBDO embrace the power for new plug-in hybrid

Mistubishi has just launched New Zealand’s first plug-in hybrid SUV. But, rather than trying to explain the complex technology in the new Outlander, Clemenger BBDO and Curious have kept it simple.     

Clemenger BBDO has been in good form of late, with a number of spots like Ghost Chips, Blazed and Mistakes that have struck a chord through their top-notch (and often quite colloquial) writing and execution. And this one exhibits similar traits, which separates it from some of the other more traditional automotive ads and particularly those brought in from overseas. 

On its website, Mitsubishi calls the car as “an SUV, but not as you know it.” And the motoring press seem to agree

For the first time ever, plug-in hybrid technology and a full electric vehicle have come together in an SUV, in a very handsome package. Now you can get the practicality of an SUV with economy, efficiency and range you never thought possible. Many other luxury features are also included, as is a real feeling of performance. Whichever way you look at it, it’s just better.

“This is New Zealand’s first Plug in Hybrid SUV,” says Clemenger BBDO’s executive creative director Philip Andrew. “It gets its energy from a number of different power sources and is able to blend those sources where required. It has two motors and one engine and will deliver 1.9 litres per 100ks. If your daily commute is under 50ks (most New Zealand daily commutes are 30km) then you’d plug it into a normal power socket at home overnight and it would cost you less than half a cup of coffee. It’s leading edge technology that’s so far advanced it’s like trying to explain Chinese arithmetic, so we didn’t bother, preferring to say ‘It’s just better’ instead.”

Around the world, electric car sales are increasing rapidly, but it’s still a tiny sliver of the market. 

As Wikipedia says:

As of December 2013, there were 405,000 highway-capable plug-in electric passenger cars and utility vans worldwide, up from more than 180,000 units in 2012, when plug-in vehicles represented 0.02% of the stock of total registered passenger cars. These figures include both all-electrics and plug-in hybrids. A Navigant Research forecast predicts that global sales of plug-in electric vehicles will grow by 86% in 2014, bringing the total of plug-in electric vehicle stock on the world’s roads to more than 700,000 by the end of 2014.

UPDATE: Here’s the ad Mitsubishi is running to promote it across the Tasman. 

Up until relatively recently, hybrids and electric cars have been favoured by the environmentally-focused niche and sales of small electric cars like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy/Holden Volt are on the up. But brands like Tesla (check out this awesome fan-made ad), Lexus, Mercedes Benz and many others have shown that it’s not all about economy and environmental impact. You can also squeeze out some impressive performance

New car sales are going well in New Zealand after a tough few years, with more than 113,000 new vehicles registered last year, the highest number in nearly 30 years. And car-makers are all lining up to show off their wares, as these new locally made ads show. 

Holden and Ogilvy have been improving their creative output recently, with the Barina RS campaign and Shortland St tie up standing out. And it’s recently launched a new ad for the Limited Edition Captiva (which some could mistake for a slight commentary on the polarising US ad from Cadillac to launch its own electric car).  

Ford has also launched a campaign for its Fiesta and the 1.0L EcoBoost engine, with some special effects used to show how driving one of these vehicles will blow away doubt, smash boredom and disappear waste. 

Toyota has also been running ads celebrating the Hilux’s position atop the ute charts, with a couple of characters from the previous campaign reprising their roles. 

Speaking of cars, Mazda has signed on as a sponsor of Sunday, “New Zealand’s most watched show of the year to date” (613,500 tuning in each week, a 14.7 rating and 38 percent audience share in AP5+).

Mazda already sponsors Campbell Live and from 6 April it will use its Sunday sponsorship to showcase its range of vehicles. Its association will be seen in the opening titles, ad breaks and across TVNZ’s online platforms.

The two year sponsorship deal was negotiated by Mazda’s local media agency Hunter Media.

Mitsubishi credits:

Client:  Mitsubishi Motors NZ.
Agency: Clemenger BBDO Wellington
GAD Brendan McElroy
ECD Duster
Creative Team. Dan Moth, Tony Haigh
TV Producer. Martin Grey
Film Co. Curious.
Director. Robin Walters
Producer. Matt Noonan

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