Born to be wildcards?

Creativity can come from anywhere. And the Media Design School obviously recognises that, because it’s calling for wildcard entries to fill two positions on this year’s creative advertising course.

“With last year’s lot on placements, in jobs, on the YoungGuns short list and blessing billboards, it’s time to for our 40-week do-or-die year to begin once more,” says Media Design School head, Kate Humphries. “So send us your fairest, your foulest, and your what-else-are-we- to-do-with-thems.”

Officially, all applicants have to complete a task sheet. But every year she says the gang also just decides to go with the gut feel and accepts a few wildcard applicants.

“That’s because some of greatest graduate successes have come from unexpected places, (courier drivers, nannies, welders, doctors and landscape gardeners, to name but a few) and have also been what-the-heck last minute hunches on our part. The big hunch last year for instance, was the-silliest-name-ever-applicant, which went to Charles Twaddle just for the sheer merriment of allowing his tutor to splutter aloud his name over and over again for 40 weeks. Now, that ‘hunch’ turned out quite well, so this year, we’ve decided to celebrate ‘the diversity of a creative’s mind’ by officially calling for our wild card applicants. The wilder, the weirder, the sillier, the most seemingly incongruent the better.”

So, if you’ve got any suggestions, or you maybe want to head back to school yourself, contact Humphries directly at [email protected] and, once she’s reassured herself that they/you don’t have any criminal convictions (well serious ones, at least) they can come in for a chat.

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