Pimp your flash fiction: BNZ Literary Awards app enables entrants to customise stories

For the 55th year, the BNZ Literary Awards will celebrate the work of both aspiring and established writers in New Zealand.

As was the case last year, BNZ is once again accepting entries through Facebook, via a specially designed app dedicated to the short story competition.  

Interested writers can enter in one of the four categories—the Katherine Mansfield Award for established writers, the Novice Writer Award for unpublished writers, the Young Writer Award for writers in secondary school and Short Short Story Award for flash fiction pieces—but entrants must be New Zealand citizens or residents (for at least three years).

For this year’s competition, BNZ has placed additional focus on the Short Short Story Award by enabling entrants to customise their stories with a range of visual effects tools that can used to alter the appearance of the story.

Once users click on the Story Art link within the app, they are taken through a step-by-step process whereby they can choose preferred story imagery, background colours and typeface style. Once all these selections have been made, the text is superimposed over the image and the background colour is applied.

After this, the story creators can either choose to share their compositions on Facebook or privately store them on their hard drives.

The app also links to previously published short short stories, which Facebook users can read and share.  

The story customisation and sharing features are however limited to the flash fiction category, and those who enter the other categories will have to settle for the more traditional approach of uploading their stories in MS Word format.

Entries for the competition close on 30 June.              

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